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    OTO Chair, Icon of a new Mindset

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    In essence the new OTO Chair is ONE TO ONE‘s first product, an icon of their new mindset that guides their brand’s philosophy: a single-mould, mountable chair made from post-industrial recycled plastic that will help clean up our oceans.

    OTO recycled plastic – marine litter - Contract Furniture Store

    The Italian company's story started a few years ago when a group of like minded individuals started to discuss how they could interpret design in a way that could be contemporary in terms of production sustainability, technology, sales methods and functionality.

    They could clearly see the world was changing, so realised it was time to change their point of view. 

    Using recycled materials was not enough, they needed a strong idea, so the mindset of OTO was born.

    After years of design studies, the chair is now here!

    OTO Chair - Contract Furniture Store

    The OTO chair is an interpretation of change, designed by Alessandro Stabile & Martinelli Venezia, developed from an optimised mould to people, not consumers with hyper-seriality and circularity in mind.

    ONE TO ONE - Contract Furniture Store

    A one-piece mountable chair, produced in a single mould and created from post-industrial recycled plastic, packaged in a recycled and recyclable pulp pack.

    The assembly process does not require the use of screws or metal inserts.

    OTO chair - Contract Furniture Store

    And finally, they went one step further, a collaboration born out of the same common purpose, with OGYRE to start doing something concrete for our seas.

    ONE TO ONE + Ogyre - Contract Furniture Store

    Ogyre is a first B Corp startup to develop a global digital platform for marine litter recovery. It protects the Oceans thanks to a fleet of fishermen, who, with their "fishing for litter" technique, can guarantee both to people and companies a concrete act for our seas.

    Ogyre fishing for litter - Contract Furniture Store

    From the Ocean, for the Ocean, this project, the OTO chair, the first ONE TO ONE product, an icon of a new mindset, is produced using post-industrial recycled plastic, which will help clean up our oceans thanks to a collaboration with OGYRE. On every purchase of an OTO chair, you actively contribute to the recovery of 0.5 kg of marine litter from our seas.

    Be part of the change, discover OTO

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