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    Billiani - 10 of the Best - Revisited

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    10 of the Best - Revisited

    We've revisited Billiani, an Italian manufacturer with a strong sense of Belonging and picked another Top 10 to share with you.


    1. Fratina

    Emilio Nanni's red dot 2016 award winner and revisitation of the classic minimalist chair.


    Billiani Fratina - Contract Furniture Store


    2. Sey

    Another minimalistic design with a sturdy and enveloping lightweight metal frame, shown here upholstered, but also available with a woven seat.


    Billiani Sey - Contract Furniture Store


    3. Grapevine - Wood

    Egidio Panzera's table base collection of geometric and neo-cubist shapes.


    Billiani Wood Grapevine - Contract Furniture Store


    4. Grapevine - Metal

    Egidio's collection steps forward with a new range of metalised finishes making it even more eclectic using differing top styles.


    Billiani Metal Grapevine - Contract Furniture Store


    5. Eileen

    A timeless collection by Werther Toffoloni with distinctive elegance highlighting the masterful woodwork.


    Billiani Copiosa Eileen - Contract Furniture Store


    6. Wrap

    It's all about the curve with this trendy multi-purpose wrap-around chair.


    Billiani Copiosa Wrap - Contract Furniture Store


    7. Ovo

    A single-shell side and armchair, available with different types of base; wood, stackable steel rod, sled or the stylish metal swivel base.


    Billiani Copiosa Ovo - Contract Furniture Store 

    8. Stretch

    A colourful option with it's steel rod frame and pvc weave, perfect for outdoor use.


    Billiani Copiosa Stretch - Contract Furniture Store


    9. Spy

    Emilio Nanni has expanded the range with its iconic design, bringing a natural completion of a grouping that oozes stylish cohesion and sophistication.


    Billiani Spy - Contract Furniture Store


    10. Tango

    A sign of a fluid dialogue between bodies with this pure and iconic object designed by Timo Ripatti.


    Billiani Tango - Contract Furniture Store


    We've picked another Top 10, but there are so many more from Billiani at the Contract Furniture Store.

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